How to Schedule Posts on Blue Strawberry

Blue Strawberry offers two ways to schedule a single post:

1. Using the “Create Single Post” Feature:

Important – Make sure you are in the right Workspace. You can see and change the Workspaces where the Red Arrow is pointing too, the “Hamburger Button” (three horizontal lines).

This method is ideal for quickly creating and scheduling a post without setting up a campaign. Here’s how:

See Red Arrow to locate “Blue Button” Create a Single Post.
  • Click on “Create Single Post” on the Blue Strawberry dashboard.
  • Enter your post content including text and caption.
  • Upload or select an image or video (optional).
  • Choose your social media platforms where you want to share the post.
  • Click the calendar icon next to the “Post” or “Schedule” button.
  • Select the date and time you want the post to go live.
  • Click “Post” to publish immediately or “Schedule” to schedule for later.

2. Using the “Create & Schedule Campaign” Feature:

This method allows you to schedule a single post within a campaign for more comprehensive management. Here’s how:

  • Click on “Create & Schedule Campaign” on the Blue Strawberry dashboard.
  • Give your campaign a name and choose your focus (engagement, reach, etc.).
  • Select the social media platforms for the campaign.
  • Click “Create New Post” under “Posts”.
  • Follow steps 2-5 from the “Create Single Post” method above.
  • Review your campaign schedule and click “Schedule” to launch it.

Additional Tips:

  • You can use Blue Strawberry’s AI features to generate post captions or suggest hashtags if needed.
  • You can customize your post for each platform within the schedule.
  • Blue Strawberry offers “Smart Scheduling” which suggests optimal times to post based on audience data.
  • You can preview your scheduled posts before they go live.

Remember, you need to have connected your social media accounts to Blue Strawberry before scheduling posts.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions about Blue Strawberry or scheduling posts.

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