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To add and track tasks, sign in to our project management software.

FAQ & Help Documents

Plutio is Project Management Software that tracks tasks, files, and conversations. The Phaze-9 team uses it to keep organized.

Step 1

When you sign into Plutio you will see a menu on the left-hand side. It should look like the image on the left. Click on Projects section

Step 2

The Project screen will look like the below image. You will then see your project with your company name a tile. Click on it

Step 3

Once you click on the tile that is your Companies Project you should see the following screen below with tasks populated.

Step 4

To add a Task just write one where it says “Create Task” to comment on a task or add a file to a task, click on the task and a right-hand side window will open up like you see below, where it looks like the below screen.

The right-hand side window is where you can go into details about a specific task. For instance, you can:

  • Assign the task to a specific person
  • Add a Start and Due Date
  • Comment on it add more details – see Comment / Talking Bubble icon
  • Add Subtasks – see icon with Lines and Checkmarks
  • Attach a file – see Paperclip icon
  • Track how long a task took to complete – See Clock icon

Below is a zoomed in screenshot of the right-hand window where you can see the icons that are mentioned above.

Some will prefer seeing Lists and some will prefer seeing Tiles. It is up to you which you prefer they can be changed by click on these two icons.

Which can be found right under the word Tasks in the upper top menu.

Having problems? Need help with your account?

Support hours are M-F
10 am-7pm (Los Angeles)