How To Not Get Your Social Media Business Account Banned

X – Twitter

Avoid Abusive Behavior: Refrain from engaging in abusive behavior, including harassment, hate speech, or threats. Treat others with respect and follow Twitter’s guidelines on acceptable behavior.

Do Not Spam: Avoid excessive tweeting, retweeting, or liking within a short period. Mass following or unfollowing, as well as automated or repetitive actions, may be considered spammy behavior.

Respect Copyright and Intellectual Property: Ensure that the content you share does not violate copyright or intellectual property rights. Retweeting or sharing content without proper attribution or permission may lead to issues.

Do Not Engage in Impersonation: Do not impersonate others, including public figures or organizations. Twitter takes impersonation seriously and may suspend accounts engaging in such behavior.

Avoid Using Automation Tools Unwisely: While automation tools can be helpful, using them for aggressive or spammy actions may lead to account suspension. Use automation responsibly and within Twitter’s guidelines.

Regarding Making Political Tweets

Constructive Engagement: Focus on constructive and respectful engagement. Avoid personal attacks, insults, or aggressive language. Encourage open dialogue and exchange of ideas.

Avoid Harassment: Refrain from harassing or targeting individuals based on their political beliefs. Respect diverse opinions, even if they differ from your own.

Fact-Check Before Sharing: Verify the accuracy of the information you share. Misinformation can contribute to a negative online environment and may lead to disciplinary actions.

Use Responsible Language: Be mindful of the language you use. Avoid using offensive or inflammatory terms. Promote civil discourse and consider the potential impact of your words on others.

Avoid Mass Reporting: Refrain from engaging in mass reporting of accounts with opposing political views. Twitter’s reporting system is designed to address genuine violations, not to silence differing opinions.

Disclose Affiliation and Bias: If you have affiliations or biases, be transparent about them. Disclosing potential conflicts of interest can enhance transparency and credibility.

Avoid Automated Behavior: Do not use automation tools or bots for political engagement. Twitter may interpret automated behavior as spammy or manipulative.

Participate in Positive Conversations: Contribute to positive and constructive discussions. Engage in conversations that promote understanding and respectful debate rather than confrontational


Follow Instagram’s Limits: Adhere to Instagram’s limits on actions like following, unfollowing, liking, and commenting. Exceeding these limits may trigger Instagram’s spam filters. Like under 50 items a day and comment under 20 times a day.

Use Original Content: Share original content or content that you have the right to share. Avoid using unauthorized images or videos.

Mind Your Hashtags: Avoid using banned or inappropriate hashtags that could lead to the suppression of your posts or account. Research the hashtags you use to ensure they are appropriate.

Avoid Misleading Information: Do not spread misinformation or engage in deceptive practices. Be honest and transparent in your interactions.

Graphic Violence and Gore: Refrain from sharing graphic or violent images that may disturb or offend others. Instagram has guidelines against the distribution of violent or gory content.

Illegal Activities: Do not use Instagram to promote or organize illegal activities. This includes but is not limited to drug trafficking, terrorism, or any other criminal behavior.

Copyright Violations: Respect intellectual property rights. Do not post content that violates copyright or trademark laws without proper authorization.

Self-Harm or Suicide Promotion: Do not post content that encourages self-harm or suicide. Instagram takes these issues seriously and may take action to address such content.

Political Manipulation: Avoid participating in deceptive practices related to elections, political events, or the manipulation of public opinion.