Extensive Internet Marketing

A website does not equal a marketing strategy. The winners in the internet marketing game know that “word-of-mouth” is the most powerful force for success and it requires daily reinforcement. Your name and logo are a necessity, but alone are not sufficient enough to bring consumers to your side. By making yourself a resource and integrating your site to the online world through forums, document archives, and search engines, we can make you the “go-to” source in your field.

Some Tactics:

  • Submit your site to RELEVANT DATABASES
  • Consistently locate opportunities to add your company’s name to online business directories
  • Publish informative documents on the web in places where your customers are likely to see them
  • Publish news updates to promote your new products, new employees, and information available to the public
  • Hold online conferences and chat sessions in forums related to your industry or where your customers are likely to congregate
  • Control the trends by monitoring forums, user groups, and chat rooms so you can choose a topic that is new and compelling for the forum’s members
  • Utilize classified ads

When combined, these tactics give you the online accessibility and familiarity necessary to give your company a lasting impression in the customer’s mind without overstepping the boundaries of “netiquette”.