Promoting Startup Accelerator

Social Media Posts & Banner Ads

A venture capital firm was struggling to get qualified startups to apply for their accelerator program, especially during the summer months the worst months to promote startup events. After adding 3 banner ads to our sites and doing social media campaign, posting the event to our social media accounts in  June and July we were able to send 1516 targeted via a tracking link from our social media posts to their application page.


Achieved Greater Ticket Sales Reggae Benefit Festival

Social Media Posts & Contributed Article

A benefit concert was struggling to get social media exposure and any ticket sales weeks before their event. We offered to promote their concert, over 2940 people click on the link we provided, which brought them to the page to purchase tickets.


Sale Increase International Shipping Company

Contributed Article

A UK shipping company opened offices in United State and couldn’t penetrate the American market. We did an article about the benefits of using the company for international shipping from one sponsored post they got one


Sale Increase Baby Product

Two Contributed Article

A startup which designed and marketed a baby product was struggling to get sales. With only two articles published on two of Phaze-9 health publications, the product started selling. Sales increase on Amazon and their on website.


Health Technology Conference

Social Media Campaign

A health technology event held in San Francisco was struggling to get attendees. The event was a fullday conference, 10 speakers. The conference was struggling to get attendees. In the final hours, they requested Phaze-9 for social media blasts promoting the event to our publications social media feeds. From a few social media blasts to our publications social media feeds the event attendees increased 25% getting enough attendees for the event to be measured as a success.