Detailed List of Our Capabilities

Research & Reporting

  • Corporate and product positioning
  • Product/Services cost sensitivity analysis – to identify what is working and how to improve efficiency
  • Lead generation statistics and analysis
  • Assessment, identification, and selection of initial target market segments and verticals
  • Media and analyst inquiries/coverage reports
  • Partner development statistics
  • Marketing development statistics
  • Assessment of partner prospect list and refinement as necessary
  • Reports on operational, marketing, lead generation, and channel development processes
  • Assessment of top differentiations between competing products including analysis of their capabilities and assessment of marketing material

Lead Generation

  • Develop prospect list for selected market or assess effectiveness of current prospect list and refine/retarget as necessary
  • Build and execute a lead generation program
  • Prepare lead generation execution (targeting, messaging, training)
  • Updating website for lead generation capabilities
  • Develop cost effective marketing events (webinars, white papers, press releases, media placements) and distribute to media, analysts, and partners
  • Build corporate and product awareness within the media, partner, analyst, and local corporate community
  • Telesales
  • Write and distribute press releases on products and services

Channel Building

  • Develop prospective partner list servicing selected market
  • Build, execute, and manage a channel partner program
  • Recruit, support, and maintain channel partners
  • Prepare channel sales development execution (targeting, messaging, training)
  • Develop or assess and update “partner sales kits” as necessary
  • Provide lead sharing with partners, presales and post-sales support
  • Develop or assess effectiveness of partner recruitment messaging and update as necessary
  • Develop/refine customer and channel partner training materials

Execute Sales

  • Initiate and execute sales to select “reference” accounts
  • Telesales
  • Developing and implementing customer product support (pre-sales, post sales)
  • Product and sales training
  • Develop sales scripts for new products for employees and partners
  • Lead tracking

Product Launching

  • Ensuring a well executed product release with the correct timing is critical for overall new product success in the technology sector.
  • Rapid time-to-market
  • Develop/refine corporate and product positioning
  • Update marketing literature and website content
  • Develop “sales kits” for new products
  • Distribute product press releases and follow up with media and analysts to generate coverage and encourage partners to address inquiries

Other Business Development

  • Established competition and channel partnerships
  • Collect list of “reference-able” customers for case studies, applications articles, and R&D
  • Prepare operational execution (support, processes, infrastructure)
  • Prepare marketing execution (positioning, messaging, collateral)
  • Make relationships with industry analysts
  • Expand sales regionally from singe content to world wide content