Phaze-9 Corporation, located in Silicon Valley , provides strategic marketing and public relations services to technology companies of all sizes throughout the world. Our talents have helped enhance product awareness, increase lead generation, and solidify branding – all while lowering overall marketing costs.

Phaze-9 operates on the premise to properly market technology a true understanding of the product or service utilities must be uncovered. Whether that means interviewing engineers, mining data through IT channels, or utilizing our network of industry professionals, we do what it takes to ensure that the information is accurate, pertinent, and useful.

Experienced in developing and implementing marketing and public relations strategies for technology corporations and focusing in the industries of Robotics, Semiconductor, Nanotechnology, Fiber Optics, Computers, Software, and Biotechnology, we specialize in highly effective marketing programs targeted at management, engineering, and executive roles with a strong focus on technical content.

Phaze-9 has helped many companies gain a significant marketing advantage over their competitors with programs that leverage modest marketing budgets. Through our focus, imagination, and the belief that marketing is a key integrated business process, our customers enjoy an effective alternative to building an expensive in-house marketing department.