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Detailed List of Our Capabilities

Research & Reporting

  • Corporate and product positioning
  • Product/Services cost sensitivity analysis - to identify what is working and how to improve efficiency
  • Lead generation statistics and analysis
  • Assessment, identification, and selection of initial target market segments and verticals
  • Media and analyst inquiries/coverage reports
  • Partner development statistics
  • Marketing development statistics
  • Assessment of partner prospect list and refinement as necessary
  • Reports on operational, marketing, lead generation, and channel development processes
  • Assessment of top differentiations between competing products including analysis of their capabilities and assessment of marketing material

Lead Generation

  • Develop prospect list for selected market or assess effectiveness of current prospect list and refine/retarget as necessary
  • Build and execute a lead generation program
  • Prepare lead generation execution (targeting, messaging, training)
  • Updating website for lead generation capabilities
  • Develop cost effective marketing events (webinars, white papers, press releases, media placements) and distribute to media, analysts, and partners
  • Build corporate and product awareness within the media, partner, analyst, and local corporate community
  • Telesales
  • Write and distribute press releases on products and services

Channel Building

  • Develop prospective partner list servicing selected market
  • Build, execute, and manage a channel partner program
  • Recruit, support, and maintain channel partners
  • Prepare channel sales development execution (targeting, messaging, training)
  • Develop or assess and update "partner sales kits" as necessary
  • Provide lead sharing with partners, presales and post-sales support
  • Develop or assess effectiveness of partner recruitment messaging and update as necessary
  • Develop/refine customer and channel partner training materials

Execute Sales

  • Initiate and execute sales to select "reference" accounts
  • Telesales
  • Developing and implementing customer product support (pre-sales, post sales)
  • Product and sales training
  • Develop sales scripts for new products for employees and partners
  • Lead tracking

Product Launching

  • Ensuring a well executed product release with the correct timing is critical for overall new product success in the technology sector.
  • Rapid time-to-market
  • Develop/refine corporate and product positioning
  • Update marketing literature and website content
  • Develop "sales kits" for new products
  • Distribute product press releases and follow up with media and analysts to generate coverage and encourage partners to address inquiries

Other Business Development

  • Established competition and channel partnerships
  • Collect list of "reference-able" customers for case studies, applications articles, and R&D
  • Prepare operational execution (support, processes, infrastructure)
  • Prepare marketing execution (positioning, messaging, collateral)
  • Make relationships with industry analysts
  • Expand sales regionally from singe content to world wide content


Competitive Advantage

We pride ourselves in understanding technology, understanding your end buyer, and reaching qualified buyers ready to purchase your products.

Phaze-9 has established industry contacts. We know key publications, websites, and directories in every tech industry and have continually updated our database with over 7,000 editors of industry publications that our employees have established relationships.

We have a proven track record of gaining leads for our clients and even increasing business during troublesome economies.

We can negotiate excellent prices for advertising space due to our existing advertiser relationships and client volume.




Specializing In Public Relations & Marketing For the Robotics, Semiconductor, Nanotechnology Fiber Optics, Computers, Software and Biotechnology High-Tech Industries.
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