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Customer Testimonials

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"Phaze-9 Corporation knows that smaller organizations can defeat larger and better-financed competitors by putting more time, energy and imagination into their marketing programs. While large companies often treat marketing as a function assigned to a particular group of people, Phaze-9 treats marketing as a key business strategy that encompasses everything the company does: from the way it makes and packages products to the look and attitude of its employees. Their strength in domestic and international marketing is superb."

"Marketing is one of many things companies do; Phaze-9's unique marketing program is an approach to everything a company does."

"The people of Phaze-9 have proven to be phenomenally resourceful and creative. They have effectively uncovered press release and editorial opportunities in traditional and non-traditional venues, many of which are free. This company generates more leads than many of its competitors who have advertising budgets ten times greater. Their diligence and persistence in networking have made our company a common name among industry trade publication editors."

" I would highly recommend Phaze-9 Corporation for any position that involved responsibility, marketing talent and multi task coordination. "

"In five and 1/2 years Phaze-9 Corporation headed our marketing and promotions department. During that time our company increased revenue 380%"

"Phaze-9 has been a great asset to my company. Competing with bigger companies, I find that Phaze 9 is my equalizer. My leads have doubled and my sales have almost doubled as well."

"If you would like to get an edge on the big guys, the people at Phaze-9 are it. Nobody knows how to think around a problem, come up with new ideas, and do what others say cannot be done like the people at Phaze-9. With the combination of endless resourcefulness, hard work, savvy and elegance, Phaze-9 will get your technology into the limelight like you have never expected."

At Phaze-9 We:

Know the best options for high returns on your marketing investment.

Provide rapid customer traction.

Locate opportunities to sell higher and wider in existing accounts.

Specializing In Public Relations & Marketing For the Robotics, Semiconductor, Nanotechnology Fiber Optics, Computers, Software and Biotechnology High-Tech Industries.
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