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Phaze-9 Corporation, headquaters located in Silicon Valley, with offices in San Francisco, Orange County and San Diego is well known for providing strategic and cost-effective public relations and marketing services for companies in the emerging technology fields. Our clients across the United States, Asia, and Europe, cover a wide spectrum of technologies and target markets. We enjoy marketing large to small companies ranging from Blue-Chip multi-nationals corporations to start-ups and non-profits.

Phaze-9 operates on the premise in order to properly market high technology, great emphasis must be placed on the examination of product and service utilities. Whether it means interviewing engineers, mining data through IT channels, or utilizing our network of professionals, Phaze-9 does what it takes to ensure that the information is accurate, pertinent, and useful.

We can be very flexible in taking into consideration your budget and needs.

Please contact us for pricing, questions, references, and/or more detailed information about our service

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408.448.3113 Headquarters, Silicon Valley
650.938.5115 San Francisco
714.729.3113 Orange County
760.563.2114 San Diego

Corporate Headquarters - San Jose, CA
Phaze-9 Corporation
217 Ada Avenue, Suite 40
Mountain View, CA
San Jose , CA. 94043

At Phaze-9 We:

Know the best options for high returns on your marketing investment.

Provide rapid customer traction.

Locate opportunities to sell higher and wider in existing accounts.


By using Phaze-9 you can:

Outsource your marketing. Outsourcing allows you to focus your existing resources on other corporate goals rather than supporting an in-house marketing department while saving time and money.

Increase Sales

Promote your business in new ways by leveraging our established industry contacts.

Establish a “first to market” presence in areas not served by competitors.




Specializing In Public Relations & Marketing For the Robotics, Semiconductor, Nanotechnology Fiber Optics, Computers, Software and Biotechnology High-Tech Industries.
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